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Round Up: The First Burg Update, Featured in the LB Post & Westwood Forward

We go over the highlights of The Burg over the course of our first month! It’s been an exciting road. We’ve seen people report of Compton having brown tap water, Westwood Forward coalition organize on the platform, and much more. We can’t wait to improve the platform, and see what’s to come!

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Why we are Launching The Burg in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is huge, diverse, sprawling city made up of millions of people and countless communities. The number of events, ideas, and creative projects going on in this city alone is staggering. In fact, Los Angeles just won the Olympic 2028 bid and has cultivated a booming tech scene

The bottom line: We are launching in Los Angeles because if The Burg works here, it can work anywhere.


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Reimagining the Digital Soapbox
Out of all of his incredible qualities, Dr. King’s fearlessness to speak to those who opposed him is what we clearly lack in modern society. We aren’t asking you to become the next MLK. But we are hoping we can finally start picking up what he put down. He paved a path to progress using just his voice in his community, and we made The Burg with the intent to make your voice much louder.
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