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We're a finalist in the Hack The Beach competition!

We're happy to report that we are finalists for the Hack the Beach Competition in Santa Monica!  Also, we’ve started Beta testing The Burg and we're really excited by the feedback. Right now we've only rolled out a few features but we've already got some great engagement. Can't wait until we get Local Representatives and citizens working together on the platform.

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Local News & LA's Creative Affordable Housing Plan

At the BurgQuarters we constantly preach a simple fact: local news is directly correlated to local civic engagement. If we can make easier for people to stay informed about what is happening in their communities, they will be more likely to get involved. Curbed.LA has been one of the prime examples of this theory in action, and their latest piece on the "linkage fee" clearly supports our claim.

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Why we are Launching The Burg in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is huge, diverse, sprawling city made up of millions of people and countless communities. The number of events, ideas, and creative projects going on in this city alone is staggering. In fact, Los Angeles just won the Olympic 2028 bid and has cultivated a booming tech scene

The bottom line: We are launching in Los Angeles because if The Burg works here, it can work anywhere.


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