A community where you live

Neighbors, News, Reps & Nonprofits in one place.

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*now available in all neighborhoods across California


Hangout in the group chat for your city

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Get to know your city
group chat style 😎

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1. chat and share news directly with your neighborhood


2. react and respond to your community with some laughter


3. bring your reps to the conversation

4. a conversation that can help your reps, better represent 


News built for you and your neighborhood

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A personalized local newspaper, in your pocket

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Read your Morning Brief & Evening Brief everyday with your city

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Follow issues you care about and how they affect your home.

Receive the full landscape of news, including local; any time your Neighborhood, City, State, even your Reps’ names are mentioned in the news, you’ll get it. 


When it hits home, we send it straight to your phone

Representatives, on tap

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Politics isn’t an Olympic Sport– it’s not just about voting every 4 years.


It’s every day.

Who are your Reps?

 Tap in and see who your reps are, what they do, and if they’re representing you


Message your Reps.

Ask your Reps a question. Propose change, say hello and get to know them 1-on-1

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Reps in the News.

Anytime your Representatives are mentioned in the news, we’ll collect & send it your way 


Build your Rep’s To-Do List.

Vote, comment, and create your Rep’s to-do list. We’ll bug and hold them accountable on your behalf

Are you a Rep?


Volunteer and get involved with Local Nonprofits & Orgs

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Get involved with local nonprofits & orgs

Get outside and involved with the amazing nonprofits and community groups in your city. Follow your favorite orgs, volunteer, and even @ them when you need an expert.

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Why should I join?

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Improve your coffee dates by knowing all the best local spots and all the best info

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Be the know-it-all of your group with insider local news that's actually relevant

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Act as the unofficial city guide, community leader, or local shot caller


What people have to say

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Won’t you please be our neighbor?

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