Why we are Launching The Burg in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is huge, diverse, sprawling city made up of millions of people and countless communities. The number of events, ideas, and creative projects going on in this city alone is staggering. In fact, Los Angeles just won the Olympic 2028 bid and has cultivated a booming tech scene

The bottom line: We are launching in Los Angeles because if The Burg works here, it can work anywhere.

Being a major city comes with a host of problems. Traffic, homelessness, and infrastructure are the ones that spring first to mind, but there are countless others. Figuring out how to make LA the best version of itself is a collaborative process that we can all impact. We can’t just rely on Elon Musk to solve traffic jams (although we can certainly hope he weighs in on this issue).  

In the last municipal election, less than 20 percent of registered voters cast a vote. This is telling sign that in LA, citizens and their representatives have lost touch with each other. 

National politics is a mess, and it is a mistake to invest too heavily in the belief that our national representatives will bring about the kind of change we want. It is in our communities and our cities where we can have the largest impact on our day to day lives. The Burg is a local political startup that works as a digital public square, equipping citizens with the information and tools to shape the places they live. This is truly the community’s platform. We believe there is no better place to see if our app will work, then in Los Angeles. Our goal is not only to build a platform necessary for the future of cities, but to inspire an LA community renaissance along the way.