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Round Up: The First Burg Update, Featured in the LB Post & Westwood Forward

We go over the highlights of The Burg over the course of our first month! It’s been an exciting road. We’ve seen people report of Compton having brown tap water, Westwood Forward coalition organize on the platform, and much more. We can’t wait to improve the platform, and see what’s to come!

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Top 5 Underrated Community Hubs of Los Angeles

We are all about the community here at The Burg. Although, yes, we are building an app, an online space for our physical communities, there are certainly spaces that the internet or our phones can’t replace. Below is our totally objective and 100% unbiased list of the most underrated community hubs in LA. People tend to underestimate just how vital public spots and community design are to our everyday well-being. These are some of the places that do it right.

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