Introducing: Burg Polls

It’s day 5 of the 32,000 person LA teachers strike.

It’s the largest teachers-union strike in decades, and Los Angeles is reeling.

On the Burg, we’re trying to revolutionize the democratic process. How, you might ask? Well, it’s simple: Polls.

But these aren’t just straw polls. This is the future of voting. We give verified voters (like you) the information they need to express their opinions directly in the app. Then we send our results straight to the government. This is a brand new way for folks to make their voice heard in a way that can’t be ignored. Responding to polls is how you keep your reps in check.

Take the UTLA strike. We’re starting a conversation, right here on The Burg:


Over 600,000 students have been affected by the strike, and the Los Angeles Unified School District said it has already lost over $100 million over the last week. National Democrats are questioning the strike, while many teachers-turned-organizers support it wholeheartedly. Needless to say, it’s been a wild week in education as thousands of teachers marched to City Hall (in the rain!).


For government representatives and LAUSD reps, the opinions of constituents and taxpayers really do matter, and play a huge role in shaping policy. But it’s often hard for them to find out what the public thinks. When was the last time you went to a town hall or filled out a paper survey?

As the strike continues, officials want to know:

Does LA support the strike? How are families with children doing? Are the demands of teachers reasonable? How long are teachers willing to strike for? How many parents are willing to put their kids in charter schools?

Open The Burg and cast your vote now!

We’ll be closing the poll soon and sending your city’s opinions straight to UTLA, LAUSD & the City of LA.

The Burg is your direct hotline to your reps. We give you the information you need to be engaged, but it’s up to you how you vote. Let us amplify your voice.


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