So, why does no one vote, when we used to a couple decades ago?

Learning about your city is absurdly difficult and incredibly boring. Especially in a world, where people don’t know what it’s like to be bored anymore.

Image Source: WHS Political Journal

Image Source: WHS Political Journal


How can we expect people to vote, when folks don’t even know the names of their reps let alone what’s happening in their city? (sad fun fact: many of our users have told us they learned their mayor’s name for the first time in our app)

We need to use the power of design and technology to make our cities fascinating and making voting easy— BUT we can’t stop there…

We must equip all the players in a city. Who are the players?

Neighbors, Verified Voters, Local News, Representatives, Organizations, and everyone in between.

We need the the right kind of environment to support and sustain the best in them, not the worst that we often see on the net.

We’ve done exactly that.

We built a new interactive front page of your city.

We won the U.S. Conference of Mayors last year which was huge, but the city of Long Beach & Mayor Robert Garcia are the first to innovate and dive in. Props to y’all for leading when so many governments would prefer to keep doing things the old way

This Friday the mayor is hosting the first of its kind, a Digital Town Hall on The Burg. He will see the highest voted questions DIRECTLY from his constituents. He’ll get to see their names (only first, privacy is key) and neighborhoods so he can be specific and pointed in his responses.

It’s like having a cup of covfefe ☕️ with your mayor. Plus, next week we are going to hit you with a nonpartisan ballot info tool that will make it so easy to vote, the Geico Caveman would be jealous.


The Burg is the new front page of your city, and this is what a future city looks like.

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