The Front Page of Your City


The Front Page of Your City


The Burg is now available on Android and iOS.

exclusively in Los Angeles County



How it works

How it works


The Burg is a digital public square.


Digital Public Square (noun) - the community's online platform; a funnel for local news and local representatives directly to verified voters.

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1. Voter Verification and placing you in "Your Burg"

We have so many spaces for online communities, but no online space for our actual community. As you scroll down into Your Burg, everyone you see and interact with is a real person who lives and votes in your neighborhood.

We built our own voter verification infrastructure to place you in your Burg: your city or city council district. All we we need is a name and birthdate, and we can verify if you're a voter and where you vote. Verified voters are given special access on The Burg and earn an “I Vote” sticker next to their name, indicating your status as a registered voter in your community.

*people who can’t register are also welcome in The Burg.


2. Local News

As Pew Research Group and other studies have confirmed, local news is directly correlated with local civic engagement. We made it our mission to lower the barriers to local news, and here's how:

We refresh local news everyday at 8 AM and 3 PM. We verify outlets and allow you to request your own local newspaper or blog. We optimize this for every Burg, but the best local news is that of word of mouth. We empower users to submit links, vote, or hop in a comment thread and share what's going on in your neighborhood.



3. Local Reps

Democracy works best from the bottom up, not top down, and the local level is where your vote actually matters the most. Yet, we barely know who these people are. It's about time we all got on the same page! Hit the ballot box on The Burg and find out who represents you on the city, county and state level, and (👀coming soon) what’s on the upcoming election!

Local Representatives and Departments can also sign up and directly tap into the pulse of their community. They can connect with their verified voters in real-time and host Online Town Halls (if a Reddit AMA and Quora Session had a 👶) where their constituents submit & vote on the most important questions to answer. 


We live together, we vote together, it’s about time we got on the same page, together.

So, explore, and remember this is your community’s space and ultimately, you will define it.