Born from a Failed Podcast

A group of friends from across the political spectrum decided to talk about the ideas left below the surface in a podcast called "The Iceberg Effect." Although our podcast was awful, we did stumble into the question: why isn't there a place where voters can congregate within their voting district? We decided to answer it.


It's our pleasure to intro you to the finest finesse artists in town . . . 🥁

The Burg Team


Matt Pell

Cofounder, CEO & Lead Designer

All things history, Lakers, and hip-hop. 

Fun fact: Former UCLA Radio DJ, host of the legendary *cough* 818s & Heartbreak


Kai Bryant

Cofounder, CIO & Product Manager

Proudly representing the bay. Warriors and all.

Fun fact: Lived in Jordan and the Middle East


Fernando Funes 

CTO, Chief Builder of The Burg

Long Beach born, South Gate raised


If you're hungry, humble and love ya self (or the Lakers) come join us! 

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