Born from a Failed Podcast

A group of friends from across the political spectrum decided to talk about the ideas left below the surface in a podcast called "The Iceberg Effect." Although our podcast was awful, we did stumble into the question: why isn't there a place where voters can congregate within their voting district? We decided to answer it.


It's our pleasure to intro you to the finest finesse artists in town . . . 🥁

The Burg Team


Matt Pell

Cofounder, CEO & Lead Designer

All things history, Lakers, and hip-hop. 

Fun fact: Former UCLA Radio DJ, host of the legendary *cough* 818s & Heartbreak


Kai Bryant

Cofounder, CIO & Product Manager


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Steve "Oz" Azubuike"

Director of Communities 



Fernando Funes 

Lead Backend Engineer 


If you're hungry, humble and love ya self (or the Lakers) come join us!