Born from a failed Podcast

A group of friends from across the political spectrum decided to talk about the ideas left below the surface in a podcast called "The Iceberg Effect." Although our podcast was awful, we did stumble into the question: why isn't there a place where voters can congregate within their voting district? We decided to answer it.


October 2016 - Mapped out our vision for a future LA

We put pen to paper, hit the record button and displayed our vision to the people.  


October 2017 - Honed in on our pitch for Hack The Beach 



June 2017 - Victory at the 85th Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors 

We took home 1st place at the Mayors Civic Tech Pitch competition at the 85th Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors! We faced stiff competition from impressive companies including MySidewalk, Acivilate and CityCop. They all had fascinating ideas for the future of cities. However, the mayors voted and agreed that citizens need a better way to connect with their communities and their representatives, and that way is via The Burg.