So we built a pretty sweet MVP and now we need someone to take it to a whole new level 

An eclectic group of often unpaid but incredibly passionate folks helped us build this platform and bring it to the App/Play Store. We’ve had help from professional developers, students, civic tech experts and everyone in between. We won the ‘17 U.S. Conference of Mayors and a Knight Foundation grant which has helped us get the platform up and running, and now we’re ready to turn our successful pilot (only released in LA) into a robust platform.

Who we are

The Burg Winning the 2017 U.S. Conference of Mayors

The Burg is the front page of your city. We are building a true dedicated space for civic engagement, i.e. - the community’s platform.

American democracy works best from the bottom-up, not top-down and we built a space that reflects that. Politics isn’t an olympic sport, can't just show up once every four years to vote.

It's about staying abreast of what's happening, and speaking up, & it's never been easier with The Burg. 

The Position:

As a founding member of our team, you’ll have a major impact not just on the functionality of the platform, but the brand and vision of The Burg long-term. As CTO, you will be the lead technical person, tasked with managing our engineers and interns and working collaboratively to build out our product.  We currently have a great backend engineer and you will be leading at least 2-3 other developers.

Our vision for what’s next (technically speaking) at The Burg includes: moving to React Native so we can iterate more quickly upon user feedback, finishing our web platform, building OCR register to vote software, and much, much more.

Impact you will have:

  • We’ve all been oversaturated with endless critiques of politics. Instead of merely listening to what’s wrong, play an active role and join us to do something about it
  • This space is desperate for innovation and you’ll be at the helm of a company doing just that
  • Create software that makes learning about local issues and voting much easier for folks
  • Build a tool that actually helps improve the day to day quality of life for people 

Skills and experience you possess:

  • Write high quality code that is modular, functional and testable
  • Writing code based on direct interaction and feedback from users, and centered on designing spaces that bring value instead of just fueling addictive behavior
  • The ability to collaborate and keep an open dialogue with team members and empower others to be creative
  • A willing listener and iterator off of suggestions, consumer feedback, and internal ideas
  • You take the initiative to problem solve
  • Often go out of your way to look for opportunities to improve team efficiency and work with your team to implement improvements

Stack & Languages

  • React Native, Java, Objective-C, Swift
  • Sketch, Zeplin, Invision, Framer
  • Node.js, cakePHP
  • AWS, MySQL, Mongo

Why work at The Burg? 

  Our fearless leader, Max, Chief Dog Officer of The Burg

Our fearless leader, Max, Chief Dog Officer of The Burg

We have an amzing opportunity to improve a hugely important space (local news, local politics) that essentially operates in the same way it did 100 years ago. This is a space that is so damn ripe for innovation, but nobody has cracked it yet. If we can be the first, this will change our relationship to our cities and fundamentally alter the way people participate in politics.

We’re based in LA. All in our 20s. Diverse, scrappy, tenacious, and love the Lakers (actually, only the CEO). You’ll be getting in on the ground floor and would receive a substantial chunk of equity along with a competitive salary.

We’re not a massive company with a water slide-- we’re a small group of driven, excited, funny (self-proclaimed) people who believe we’re on to something big and want to move fast.

If any of the above sounds like you, drop us a resume or note at

Let’s get it!