THE BURG is expanding! We won another grant and are moving quickly. We built an awesome iOS and Android app, and are now bringing the app to web and building on our success— but we need more hands on deck! Help us build software that makes learning about local issues and voting much easier for folks. Our plan is to bring The Burg to all of California and optimize local news and local information down to each city, and we are excited to have you help us bring this vision to life!

Skills & Interests

You will be a great fit with us, if you:

  • Are proficient in Javascript

  • Are interested in learning or familiar with Node.js, Express.js and/or Vue.js

  • Are comfortable working with databases such as MySQL & Mongo

  • Enjoy writing high quality code that is modular, functional and testable

  • Have any experience or interest in webscraping and/or creating search engines is a big plus

  • Eager to challenge us, the status quo, and think outside the box

  • Excited to collaborate and keep an open dialogue with team members and empower others to be creative


We work out of the WeWork in Downtown LA. You can meet with us at least once a week, and put in 15-20 hrs a week.

This internship is PAID, and will be an incredible learning experience to get in on the ground floor of a fast moving startup that is attempting to truly have a positive impact on the world.


Want to help us build the new front page of your city & create the future of voting? Email us your resume!

looking forward to hearing from you :)